Why You Should Be a Hot Pots VIP

We have had an influx of new paint your own pottery artists this year and I have been receiving a lot of questions about our Hot Pots Studio VIP Membership, so I will take a minute to spread some light on the subject.

The VIP membership is a single membership for one person, kinda like a gym membership. It is $55 per year and each month you get 2 STUDIO FEE FREE days and a special VIP DEAL. Our monthly VIP deals include things such as, discounts when you bring a friend, additional pottery discounts, special pottery gifts to paint (like the pumpkin votives and cookie cutter ornaments this fall) and free mosaic grouting…can’t forget our beautiful mosaics!

The great thing about the membership is if you only come on 4 of the 24 VIP days during the year, it’s already paid for itself ($32 in free studio fees, $12 brush cup, $10 free brushes and 10% off all pottery/mosaic purchases).

If you have a family that loves to paint…Tuesdays as it is always 1/2 price studio fee day and can save a good chunk of change!

Feel Good and Paint Pottery at Hot Pots…we can’t wait to see you — Janelle